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The founder of our kennel is the doggie Lary. Already at the purchase we knew that it’s a puppy with a high quality pedigree and promising exhibition outlook. Our curiousness made us apply to an exhibition and try how Lary will perform. Already in the puppy-class Lary was doing masterly. His inherent exhibitionism was shown fully in the exhibition circle. And as after the initial smaller achievements, the true ones arose – the BOB title – we started to dedicate to the exhibitions even more. So that Lary was not lonely any more, we provided him with a female friend Dolly and founded a kennel named “Crazy paws”. We wanted the name to reflect our attitude to doggies, since we always keep in our mind, that dog is the human’s best friend and therefore every activity with a dog should first of all make FUN for both.

Why dog with pedigree?

This was Lary’s predecessor, a miniature schnauzer – Pedro. It was a very friendly schnauzer, which unluckily had a hereditary heart-disease. Despite this fact he knew how to enjoy his life. Even though he lived for a very short time – he was only 2 years old, when he died – he fully enjoyed the life. Pedro was a “non-pedigree” schnauzer and it was his tragic destiny that convinced us to obtain Lary from a quality and reliable breed later on.