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Bavarian Mountain Hound is a very hard-working breed, which acts thanks to its’ precise work as an irreplaceable help for a hunter at searching for the lost trail of the hunted game. Regarding the fact that our family is also dedicated to hunting, we obtained this excellent companion for a hunt, named Cirko, as well. It may have been the luck of a beginning breeder that our first Bavarian Mountain Hound is not only skilful and hard-working, but also a beautiful dog. Besides the judges deciding on the breed of Bavarian Mountain Hound, he also impressed the judges selecting the most beautiful dogs of the VI. FCI group. Just because of the fact that we were so enchanted by Cirko’s character, we provided him for his work- mate, a female dog named Ariska, with which he forms a perfect couple. We know that many hound-breeders don’t appreciate exterior-success of a dog. However, we are convinced that a nice dog that likes exhibitions should be shown off to gain a proper assessment. We are pleased by every new exhibition success as well as by the working one.